Migraine Prevention During the Holidays

Dec 22nd, 2009 | By Beth | Category: The Holidays, Whats on My Mind

New Years 2010

We wish you all a Happy Holidays!

I know that when I don’t get regular, good-quality sleep, miss my workouts, or drink too much, or get over-stressed, I may experience a migraine, and what are the holidays without drinking too much, staying out too late, missing workouts, and all those desserts? Ouch. That’s what. I’m sure this is true for everyone who wants to get through the holidays and still: 1. find joy in the holidays, and 2. love their family and friends afterward, but we have to approach the holidays with kindness and compassion for ourselves. For migraine sufferers, this is never more true. It’s difficult enough navigating daily life when you suffer from migraines, but all of those things you do to take care of yourself and prevent migraines on a normal basis should not fall by the wayside just because it’s the holiday season.

The things I do regularly for migraine prevention include:

  • avoiding my trigger foods and drinks
  • maintaining a regular exercise routine
  • attend yoga for stress relief and flexibility
  • do my night-time stretching and relaxation to promote healthy sleep
  • get to bed on time and don’t oversleep
  • drink plenty of water and eat small healthy meals throughout the day

Your list may be slightly different, but these things are part of my daily routine. I work hard to make sure that I am well prepared to accomplish these responsibilities each day and when holiday parties come along, I need to be sure my routine is not significantly disrupted. This sometimes means I won’t taste all of your special once-a-year chocolate treats and sometimes I leave a rip-roaring party so I can get home and relax before bed. I have to be careful, please understand. If it sometimes seems that I’m boring, I can’t be concerned about that – my own health is simply too important.

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