Accidental Fasting and Migraines

Feb 25th, 2010 | By Beth | Category: Whats on My Mind

Migraines and Fasting

Dont forget to feed your body, even if you are mad at it.

Teenagers and young women are susceptible to this behavior, which we’ll call ‘accidental fasting’ for lack of a more immediate term. When I was a teenager, I would sleep late on the weekends, then grab a coffee with milk on the way out to meet friends, and basically forget to eat until later in the day when I would be come ravenous. By blood sugar would be low all day and yet, I would be relatively active as I rushed through my morning, spending lots of energy and producing adrenaline because I was excited and having fun. When I did finally get something substantial to eat, my meal was often not well thought out and might contain a food that I would later learn was one of my personal dietary triggers. While not everyone who has migraines finds that they are sensitive to the typical migraine triggering foods: cheese, chocolate, oranges, red wine, but the lack of food or even the wrong sort of food can be just as important because it leads to blood sugar swings, which are also a common factor in migraine attacks.

Eating a piece of cake or a handful of cookies may boost your blood sugar in the short term, but our bodies (if we’re non diabetics!) will overcompensate by producing too much insulin to counter the sugar in the food, thereby dramatically lowering our overall blood sugar quickly again. Pushing our weight loss through diet can also cause migraine triggers, as can over strenuous exercise – especially when accompanied by missed meals.

For some migraine sufferers, it’s less about the types of foods that trigger their migraines and more about a poor eating schedule that causes severe blood sugar highs and lows instead. If food, or the lack of it, turns out to be one of your dietary triggers for migraines, the solution becomes easier. By eating healthy small meals at regular periods throughout the day, you’ll avoid the blood sugar swings that can cause migraines in some sufferers.

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