Warding off Migraines Early

Feb 22nd, 2010 | By Beth | Category: Migraine Treatments

This is not necessarily a migraine treatment list, but more so general reference of what I normally do to slow down the onset of migraines. Some of those migraine sufferers who recognize auras or other early warning signs find the following steps work very well for reducing their migraine suffering:migraine water treatment

  • drinking a glass of water
  • taking early onset over-the-counter pain relievers
  • lying down in a very dark room with a cool rag covering the eyes
  • reducing all noise and light to an absolute minimum
  • restricting their physical movements to slow movement
  • keeping their breathing regular and deep

As you may notice, most of these are techniques used to calm the body and they often do work to ward off the most severe of migraine symptoms. Of course, every person responds differently to treatments, so it’s important to experiment carefully and treat your body with care, especially if you suffer from migraines.

Some people have found great relief in biofeedback, which involves learning how to monitor and regulate your body’s response to stress. Biofeedback can teach a person to lower their heart rate and ease muscle tension to relieve stress and relax. Of course, if you think for a minute that your migraines may be directly related to depression or anxiety, it can be worth the time and investment to work with a counselor to locate the root causes.

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