Warning Signs of an Impending Migraine

Apr 7th, 2010 | By Beth | Category: Migraine Symptoms

Migraine Warning SignSome of the symptoms of a migraine can occur before the headache starts, giving the sufferer a window of time in which to potentially treat the migraine and minimize some of the symptoms. Some sufferers have reported auras, which are defined as visual disturbances such as sparkling or flashing light, lines in their visual field, tunnel vision, temporary blurred vision, or blind spots. If these are familiar to a migraine sufferer, they can be warning signs that a migraine is about to start. Some migraine sufferers report other warning signs that may occur several hours or a day or so before the migraine begins. These signs may consists of feelings of elation or intense energy, cravings for sweet or salty foods, unexplained irritability or drowsiness, or undue thirst. If you suspect you suffer from migraines, it can be useful to monitor – as in writing them down – your day-to-day feelings as a tracking mechanism for identifying your own unique patterns. See Recognize Your Migraine Triggers for more. This type of research can also help a doctor in your initial diagnosis and put you on the path of avoiding migraines and some level of recovery.

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